If the product that needs to be returned or exchanged has an initial defect: within three days after receiving the product, please contact us: info@safender.com, we will replace it with a new product identical to the original defective product, or we will refund you. You can only return items in their original condition. In addition, please do not return the goods without notice.
*(Please attach photos of defective products.)

Please check below 

Items that can be returned or replaced:

1. Items damaged due to transportation or pollution
2. If the items you received is different from the confirmation email

Items that cannot be returned or replaced:
1. If the item (color/size) is replaced or returned for the convenience of the customer.
2. Products with defects such as scratches or damage caused by the customer’s responsibility.
3. The product after removing the product label.
4. For goods ordered outside of this website
5. If the product is not in its original state, it is the product used by the customer.

The exchange acceptance period is 3 days from the date of delivery of the product
(This exchange only covers “unused products”, so please check them when you deliver the products.)

Important notes:

(1) In principle, due to customer convenience, we cannot accept the cancellation after production orders.

(2) However, if it is necessary to cancel due to operating errors, etc., it can be done immediately after placing the order.

(3) Accept the cancellation of the product before shipment.
*Cancellation fee before shipping the product will be charged 20% of the charged amount.

(4) Cancel the product after delivery.
If the product has already been shipped, the order cannot be canceled.
(Cancellation requests can only be made [before shipment].)