I happned to visit a adult toys exhibition a few days ago. On the way back, I complained to my friends who was companied with me that for the two of us who have no sex life, we are not visiting an adult toys exhibition, but rather to a lifesize doll exhibition.

Indeed, although the number of doll exhibitors is no more than 30%, they are the most eye-catching presence in the exhibition regardless of quality or popularity.

In the age of underdeveloped information, inflatable dolls that may explode almost carry all my imagination about low-quality adult toys. It still make me the same feeling for the first time I saw a lifelike doll at the exhibition. But when I reached out to the thighs of those “beautiful girls”, I was actually prepared for disappointment.

Then there was a mysterious power that stuck my hand on it and couldn’t take it off. Isn’t this softer than real people?

The touch feeling is not the most important thing, the head sculpture of the doll is too delicate. No matter what kind of dolls you like, Lolita, Yujiekong, or Avatar, you can always find the doll that suits you best.

sex doll

Although most of the dolls on the exhibition are scantily-clad with hot bodies, exhibitors told me that people choose to take them home at a high price, but most of them are not for sex.

It’s not that I don’t want to , but can’t.

A 1.5m silicon doll, the bone is made of alloy and industrial plastics, and the weight is generally about 30 kilograms. At the same time, because of the characteristics of the material, daily maintenance and cleaning are very troublesome. If it’s just for sex, choosing other adult products are much better than dolls in terms of price and experience.

Imagine this, after sex, you still need to carry more than 30 kilograms of iron to the bathtub to clean it, dry it and take care of it. If I am such a strong man, would I need to buy this stuff?

It’s been more than 20 years for lifesize dolls, their companion characteristics are growing more and more than sex, like BJD.

The difficult development of body dolls relies on innovations in technology and appearance by domestic manufacturers. It is precisely because the doll is becoming more and more exquisite that buyers are increasingly looking at it as a “real person”.

An experienced doll owner who happened upon me at the exhibition told me that if you treat it as a beloved doll and clean it every week, it won’t be broken even if the doll is left at home for ten years; but if you want to give it something Strange action, within half a year, the baby’s skin will crack, “Looking at the beautiful face that I like, I don’t think you will just treat it as sex thing.”

Lifelike dolls appeared 40 years ago, They were first made of rubber in Japan and sold for about 38,000 yen. The price of motorcycles and the feel of motorcycle tires are not what ordinary people can consume. In the 1980s, dolls are made of soft rubber, and touch feeling is better, and price soared to 100,000 yen.

Silicone dolls we are familiar with today did not enter the Chinese market until 2000. Ten years later, TPE (a kind of high resilience, high strength plastic) lifelike doll was made as clothing models for the first time in China. After countless technological innovations, it has a soft feeling and strong flexible bodies.

At present, most of lifesize dolls on the market use a combination of silicone head sculpture + TPE bodies. This can ensure that the facial features are delicate enough and the body is soft enough.

In addition, there are dolls made of clothes and plastic. The cloth dolls are relatively light and two-dimension. Their skin are made of fabric and filled with soft materials such as sponge, and you can have it for less than 5,000 yuan.

Plastic dolls are even heavier, even they don’t have soft touch feelings like silicone dolls, but their exquisiteness are unmatched by dolls made of different materials. The price of a single unit is more than 50,000 yuan.

sex doll

Therefore, silicone dolls firmly occupy most of market due to their high quality and low price. Silicone doll manufacturers began to find ways to create their own advantages, so as to better satisfy consumers.

The most attractive feature of this adult exhibition is probably a new release robot doll, a robot head that can respond to external touches. The price after mass production does not even exceed 5,000 yuan.

There are one-piece dolls, difference between dolls that have seperatly head and bodies, it’s one-piece, The head sculpture is so exquisite that the internal structure of the oral cavity is made together. Of course, they are very expensive.

It’s also available to customize dolls. just send characteristics, you will have what you want, and price is pretty much like universal ones.

Man and women have different needs for buying dolls. As I said earlier, when a man buys a doll, he wants more of a sense of companionship. When there is a fresh who want to join a doll group but just for sex, they will be blocked bybowner. “The real meaning of a doll is accompaniment especially when you need comfort, when there is no one to accompany you through those difficult days.

The female baby owner is more of a “raising baby”, which is no different from playing Barbie or BJD when she was a child. She prefers her exquisite face and flexible body.